Designed for Optimum Support and Comfort

airsport best priceThe ingenious designers of the Air cast ankle brace applied air cell technology to achieve its double advantages of firm support and comfort.

In various respects, the unique enhancements of the brace give it a surpassing convenience for wearers who wish to remain active without incurring painful ankle sprains.

In particular, this ankle brace offers exceptional stability for people who experience ankle rollover.

Footwear experts have acknowledged the protective value of these products for active individuals and individuals who take part in rigorous sporting activities such as rugby, tennis, and basketball.

Remarkably, the Aircast can be worn by both men and women of varying shoe sizes.

Performance in sports is largely dependent on the ability of the individual to remain stable and comfortable for long periods.

air cast ankle brace

The invention of the Aircast Airsport brace marked a breakthrough for people whose general performance was compromised by sprains, swollen, and broken ankles, Tarsal Tunnel syndrome, and other injuries.airsport review

In fact, these support are of great value for athletes and other people who are recovering from injury.

Another outstanding quality is that the Airsport exert minimal bulk around the ankle area, which enhances productivity and ensures greater flexibility for the wearer.

These are crucial factors for an active and tireless sporting life.

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Important Features

1. AIR CELL TECHNOLOGY for Enhanced Stability

Many people prefer these ankle braces because of their great comfort and stability. Air cell technology is the secret behind these qualities.aircast airsport

The technology ensures that the feet is held firmly in shape and its movements are naturally defined to enhance motion.

Therefore, using these braces exposes a person to a lesser risk of injury as compared to competing alternatives within their product range.

The technology depends on a semi-rigid encased shell, which provides the robust firmness without compromising on comfort.

The air cell technology is important for the prevention of, and recovery from ankle injuries.


2. ATF CROSS STRAP for Extra Stability

how to put on an aircast airsportIf you want proof of excellent compression in the Air cast ankle brace, then look no further than the Anterior Talafibular (ATF), which are styled to enhance the quality of fit of the brace.

The strap helps to control the movement of the feet in the right orientation in order to improve motion and protect the ankles.

The ATF cross straps work together with top-quality integral forefoot and shin wraps to enhance the stability and great comfort for which the braces are highly regarded.

These features make these braces ideal for supporting you if you are struggling with ankle sprains of Grade I or Grade II categories.

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Features and Specificationsair cast instructions

> Lightweight for comfort and flexibility
> Integral forefoot and shin wraps for greater compression
> Semi-rigid encased shell for stability
> Universally designed for both men and women
> Covered with strong fabric for extra strength
> Easy to put on, adjust, and take off.
> Available in a variety of sizes

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Customer Reviews and Scoresaircast ratings

At present, the Air cast Ankle Brace is rated at 4.2 stars out of a possible maximum of 5 stars.

So far, the item has attracted 155 reviewers. Out of this number, 58 % of the reviewers endorsed the article with a full 5-star rating while 25 % of the total gave it a 4-star.

Another 7 % of the reviewers rated it at 3 stars. Reviewers who rated the item at 1 star and 2 stars comprised of 10 % of the total.

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Some customers felt that the seams and the straps of the Airsport were a bit scratchy especially when the brace is still new.

The problem may have resulted from the high sensitivity of the user’s skin, but can be managed comfortably by applying some lotion before wearing the brace.

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The Final Verdict

Generally, the Aircast was designed to offer utmost comfort and stability for people who suffer from ankle sprains or those recovering from ankle surgery.Aircast_a60

The exceptional quality of the ankle braces derive from the efficiency of the air cell technology and the ATF cross straps, which enhance the protection, comfort, and motion of the feet, particularly during sports.

The product is lightweight but toughened by a high-quality fabric that ensures its durability.

The brace is ideal for both men and women who suffer from the various types of ankle discomfort.

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