Active T1 Rigid Brace – Highest Level of Preventative Support

high ankle sprain braceAre you suffering from a high ankle sprain? Is it constantly causing you pain or discomfort but you are not sure how to solve it?

Perhaps you feel like you have tried all of the supportive brace options out there and haven’t found one that works for you?

Well, if this sounds like you, look no further than the Active Ankle T1 Rigid High Ankle Brace.

This brace is the perfect combination of both comfort and support and has been expertly designed to keep your ankles from acting up.

Continue reading for a complete review of this fantastic ankle support brace.

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Special Feature #1 – Expert Design:

This ankle brace is a professionally made and manufactured healthcare device and the company behind the product is determined to keep you in the best health so you can continue to take part in activities you love!T1 support

That’s where the quality and thought out design for this ankle support brace comes in.

Featuring a solid U-shape set up, this brace works with the natural movements of your ankle joint to provide a relief of pressure and superior protection to your foot.


Special Feature #2 – Dual Adjustable Straps:

If you are worried enough about the safety of your ankle to wear a supportive brace, you should not have to deal with the added worry of your brace staying in place and snug to your t1 rigid stabilizer

One of the key features that this brace has, making it unique to others on the market, is the dual adjustable straps.

These specialized straps allow the user to make the brace comfortable and secure without the being concerned that it will fall off.

So whether you are an athlete needing a supportive ankle brace during a game or other event, or you are simply tired of adjusting your ankle brace frequently, this product is a must have.


Features and Specifications:

Unique and solid U-shape design helps to ensure support throughout the day

A two-way hinge device keeps the brace in tune with your body and allows it to move with youactive t1 brace

Specialty neoprene padding included on the brace keeps you comfortable and supported no matter what activity you get up to

Full and thick neoprene padding also works to keep your ankle protected though out your busy day

Some of the most popular, and best, uses for this device are basketball, volleyball and cheerleading

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Customer Reviews and Scores:

This high ankle support brace is a very popular product and has the remarkably high Amazon review rating score of 4.3/5 stars.

4.2 stars rating

This rating is calculated through Amazon by taking into account a variety of aspects of reviews, including: the age of the review, the helpfulness of the review, and whether or not the review has been verified.t1 customer rating

This particular product has 71 customers reviews posted and verified that are used to calculate the overall score of the product.

One common customer comment about this product is that is can be time consuming to properly put on and that it is difficult to set up with only one hand.

This problem can very easily be remedied by a little bit of practice!

You may be slow at first, but once you get some practice under your belt with putting it on and taking it off, you will quickly become just as efficient as you are at putting on your shoes!

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The Active Ankle T1 Rigid High Ankle Brace is a product designed with comfort and efficiency in mind.multi-phase-brace-support-orthosis

With dual adjustable velcro straps help ensure the strap stays in place throughout the day and the two-way hinge device lets you continue to move as naturally as you would if you weren’t wearing a brace!

The affordable price of this quality brace is also a key selling point and purchasing it from Amazon allows you refund options and a product warranty.

The incredible 4.3/5 star Amazon review rating goes to show just how popular and effective this brace is, and it is the perfect option for day-to-day wear or serious athletes.4.2 stars rating

So what are you waiting for?

Put your ankle pain to rest with the expert comfort, support and protection of the Active Ankle T1 Rigid High Ankle Brace.

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