volleyball ankle braceThe TriLok Ankle Support Brace has always been considered as one of the best ankle braces for volleyball.

It is an easy and effective way of relieving pain from PTTD, plantar fasciitis and it also provides protection against the ankle sprains.

The distinctive Footlok strap usually provides ankle and forefoot stability by optimizing controls over plantar flexion/inversion, and eversion motions that are commonly associated with sprains.

The TriLok ankle support is great brace for sports that usually involve cutting or pivoting like basketball, volleyball, tennis, football and soccer.

It is made out of thin and breathable, neoprene-free materials which fits inside the athletic shoes and dress without any difficulty.volleyball support

The TriLok also has a very unique strapping mechanism that has been specially designed to provide enhanced fore-foot controls.

In addition, it helps in preventing dangerous motion which could lead to ankle sprains or the posterior tibialis tendinitis symptoms.

The ankle support brace is easy to apply and also fits inside nearly all athletic shoes.

The TriLok ankle support is used by college and professional athletes in preventing ankle sprains both during practices and also during the regular season.

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Patented footLook strap

The TriLok Ankle Support is an effective ankle brace for controlling eversion and inversion at the ankle.trilok support

The key to TriLok’s exceptional effectiveness is its patented FootLook strap.

The strap acts as an external ligament which controls the motion of your forefoot while allowing a full range of motions in dorsi-flexion and plantar.

The FootLok strap also protects the ankle without restricting the ability to run, jump or walk.

Great design

The Trilok ankle support has been well-designed to offer the maximum support to the ankle with less bulk.

The design enables it to offer a concealed support to the ankle. It can be worn with the normal sports shoes ankle support

It is thin, lightweight and also has a super soft micro-fleece lining.

The thin and breathable soft material has been made from the Bio Skin’s patented Ultima 2s.

Unlike the other braces, the Trilok ankle support lacks laces to ensure a very comfortable fit without having scratchy material or painful laces denting and digging into the skin.

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  • The ankle and foot control system usually acts as the external ligament for controlling foot and ankle motions while in different positions.trilok stabilizer
  • The compressive base sleeve also improves proprioception.
  • Duplicates athletic taping methods for better support.
  • Low profile as it fits inside any kind of shoe.
  • Helps treat posterior tibial tendon dysfunctions and plantar fasciitis.
  • The TriLok’s stirrup strap has been deigned to provide the final locking component and eliminate eversion for a maximum foot stability.bioskin brace
  • The TriLok is recommended for basketball, soccer, volleyball, football.
  • Available in 4 sizes thus you are able to choose the size that best fits you.
  • Universal- fits both right and left sides.
  • Made with the Ultima 2S material.
  • 100 percent latex and neoprene free.


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The TriLok Ankle Support Brace has an average of 4.4 ratings after 148 reviews.

4.4 Star amazon Rating

It is by far the best ankle support brace that can be used to prevent ankle sprains.

Even with an injured ankle, you will be able to play volleyball without worrying about the ankle thanks to these great ankle brace support.

You are able to cut hard and also play aggressive without hurting the ankle.trilock amazon rating

Even if you land on one foot, you will still be confident that it will protect you from injury.

There is a section of customers who have complained about feeling hot and restrictive whenever they wear these ankle support braces.

This is because the plastic used it its design doesn’t allow for great air circulation. This might irritate skin.

Nevertheless, this is a much-more customizable fit that offers extremely good support.

I would highly recommend for anyone who is looking for the best ankle braces for playing volleyball.

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One of the most supportive and unique braces in the market today, the TriLok Brace is known all over the world for its distinctive features in treating and preventing foot and ankle problems.

bioskin trilock

It is the most effective braces for preventing the ankle sprains.

Many athletes usually prefer the TriLok for its patented footLook strap.

It is also used for the foot positioning problems like posterior tibial tendon dysfunctions and plantar fasciitis.

To sum it up, these ankle braces for volleyball is a great choice for any person who would like to prevent any injuries while playing.

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