McDavid 195 Deluxe Stabilizer Review

mcdavid strapThe McDavid 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace with Strap ranks among the best ankle brace for basketball.

The ankle brace comes with laced straps which ensure that this brace offers all the support which you need while holding on and fitting snugly even during intense basketball games.

The McDavid is very special in the sense that is simulates the support which you would generally get from athletic tape.mcdavid-195-laced-ankle-brace-with-straps

The ankle brace is made out of breathable and durable nylon fabric.

This fabric makes sure that you always stay cool during basketball games while also helping sweat escape.

Besides keeping you dry and cool during games, it also ensures that the ankle brace remains comfortable even during the long games.

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The McDavid 195 also has a padded lining, an elastic heel as well as the sewn-in arch ankle brace

All of the above features provide great comfort while also ensuring mobility as well as the ability to play without being held back in whatsoever way.

The straps do not only offer protection but they also provide support.

This is due to the fact that they have been made using materials that absorbs shock.

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Great comfort and Support

The McDavid  is used to replace costly kinesiology tape in preventing injuries.

Features a lightweight vinyl/nylon fabric shell with 2 figure six stirrup straps that might be adjusted at any time during the play without having to remove the shoe.


The straps also simulate a professional taping method that lends extra protection and support for common injuries.

The other comfort features include the padded lining with the notched front, elastic tongue and heel, and the sewn in arch support.

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The McDavid 195 Deluxe Brace offers more flexibility as compared to other braces.

mcdavid ankle compression brace 195deandre mcdavid usa

This is a additional point that has been noted by most of its users.

It offers an exceptional level of support which seems to back up the claims that this brace can be used for major as well as moderate pain.

It can also be worn on either the right or left foot without any issue.

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  • Designed to support the ankle during prevention or recovery of sprains
  • Constructed using a one-layer nylon fabric for minimal weight and full support
  • Its design simulates the athletic tape with is 6-figure strapping pattern
  • It has elastic top strap for custom fit and added support
  • It is fully adjustable without removing the shoe or unlacing
  • The brace has ventilated tongue that breathes with you
  • Has reinforced closures and added lining
  • Features the built-in anatomical arch that adds all-game comfort as well as support
  • Fits on both the left and right ankles


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The McDavid has an average rating of 4.5 after 428 reviews on Amazon.

4.5 Star amazon Rating

This is because it is a well-made and fantastic product. In case you have rolled your ankle while playing basketball, then this ankle will perfectly work for youamazon customer rating

It is amazingly lightweight and also provides very good support, also easy to put on.

Some enthusiasts and athletes say that this ankle braces normally limit mobility while on the court.

There are also others who claim that it gives them rug burns or rashes.

This is most likely caused by an improper lacing and it could be fixed just by wearing long socks under these braces.

The ankle brace provides a complete wrap-around support for unstable and damaged ankles. In summary, this is a highly recommended ankle brace for all basketball players.

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In case basketball is your sport, you demand a top performance support like the McDavid 195. The brace that’s trusted by top athletes to protect them from injuries.dwayne wade mcdavid

In addition, the Polyester and Vinyl in the construction grants the maximum protection and support.

The breathable textile and sufficient padding also grants enormous support.

It cozily fits both feet due to the elastic heel zone. However, motion in the ankle brace freedom is permitted because of an integrated arch.

mcdavid 195 classic lightweight brace

There are also 2 adjustable straps that are provided so as to allow a secure and comfortable wear.

In conclusion, this is one of the best ankle brace for basketball or any sport.

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