Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Support Review

malleotrain stabilizerBauerfeind products are very popular for several reasons including their innovation, superior quality and comfort, and the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support is arguably the best ankle brace.

Similar to the MalleoTrain-S, the MalleoTrain is the perfect alternative to taping.

In addition, it can be used to help in supporting the ankle during the mild sprains or as the therapeutic orthotic so as to speed healing from surgery or any kind of injury.

The Bauerfeind offers precise fit through the special strap system, superior construction and also utilizes an the new knitting concept for excellent comfort and compression.malleotrain support

The semi-rigid strap system of this ankle brace wraps in the figure-8 pattern so as to effectively stabilize and also protect the ankle.

It can also be adjusted individually for precise fit even without restricting movement.

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The Malleo Train braces has 2 silicone inserts that are designed to accommodate both the outside and inside of the ankle bones (by filling in the concave areas of your ankle) for optimal stabilization, therapy and fit.

bauerfeind malleotrain brace

Socks can also be worn over this brace. However, wearing it against your skin allows for maximum compression and massage (decreases swelling and pain).

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The MalleoTrain Support has a wide range of features that make it one of the best ankle braces in the market today.

Here is a highlight of its top 2 features:

High quality pads

The MalleoTrain helps you at every step of the way by quickly allowing one to walk once more without pain.malleotrain active support

With every movement that you make, the 2 pads also become active thus massaging you ankle joint.

The pads are normally covered in a breathable knit together with a compressive effect that provides your ankle with the intermittent compression massage.

This in turn improves circulation and also helps to reduce swelling.

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Great functionality and design

The MalleoTrain is among the Train line active supports that have already won 2 awards thanks to their design and functionality.

best ankle braces

Patients usually like it because it’s easy to put on, doesn’t slip and also sits comfortably and firmly in position.

On the other hand, athletes and physicians appreciate its stabilizing effect and anatomical shape on the musculature.

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  • Breathable, stretchy and moisture-wicking body construction
  • The strap system normally wraps in the vertical figure-8 patternBauerfeind best stabilizer brace
  • Strap system can also be tightened for a precise fit even without restricting movement
  • Silicone inserts that have been designed to fit the outside and inside of the ankle bones
  • Feature an anatomical knit that carries controlled compression
  • It is graduated at the edges so as to prevent the constriction of circulation
  • It is lightweight and breathable knit doesn’t retain heat and it’s completely machine washable


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The Bauerfeind has an average rating of 4.8 after 103 reviews on Amazon. This is mainly due to the fact that it relieves ankle swelling and pain during sports as well as during everyday activities.

4.7 star rating

It also provides outstanding comfort and support during strenuous activities.

Some customers have complained that there’s little in terms of support to prevent their ankle from rolling. As a 4.8 out of 5 starsresult, it is not possible to use this brace for basketball or even any other ‘contact’ game where it is necessary to break and also change speed quickly.

Nevertheless, the product has shown to be effective in getting extra swelling from the ankle. In case you have rolled your ankle, you can still use it as you go on work out and jogs so as to prevent swelling of the ankle.

They are extremely comfortable. The Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support is a highly recommended brace that speeds up healing as well as recovery from injuries.

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bauerfeind malleo trainIn conclusion, the MalleoTrain Ankle Support is a very great solution that combines functionality and comfort in a product that’s equally suited to the traumatic injuries like strains and ageing as well as arthritic joints.

The silicone support and soft fabric inserts provide a more flexible movement as compared to the other ankle braces that have the stiff plastic inserts.

The anatomical knit also carries controlled compression that’s graduated at the edges so as to prevent constriction of circulation within the foot and ankle.

It is machine washable and also available in 3 designer colour options. It offers pain relief, performance and comfort all in one product; the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support.

best bauerfeind malleotrain ankle brace

To sum it up, this is the best ankle brace that you can in the market today.

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