McDavid Classic Lightweight Support Review

mcdavid classic lightweightWhen searching for the best ankle brace for running the name McDavid usually comes up.

McDavid is a well-known manufacturer of ankle braces and they are back again with a new product; the McDavid Classic Lightweight Brace.

The ankle brace sports a classic design that allows one to see the laces rather than covering them up using straps.

This brace has been well-designed with the classic market in mind. Even though it features the old logo, the ankle brace still looks more like the braces from few decades ago.

The McDavid Classic Ankle Brace helps and also protects people against injury.

It has been made using top quality materials. It also has two layers of vinyl and polyester mesh material alongside spring steel stays.

mcdavid size chart

The sizing of this ankle brace depends on shoe size. Moreover, the brace enhances performance and also supports the return to activity.
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High quality material

The support is made from breathable materials that can keeps your black stabilizerankle and foot dry and cool during use.

It has also been made from a soft, light and durable material to sustain heavy usage.

In addition, it is latex free thus preventing you from skin allergic reactions that could possibly happen once they are in use for long hours

The Great Design

mcdavid lace upThe Brace can be applied easily and it doesn’t hinder normal movements. It has great grip around the ankle and a more adjustable lace up design.

Its stabilizer has padded lining on either sides to aid in guarding against any attempts of rollovers and sprains.

Furthermore, its body design is lightweight to be used with ease. It also fits easily in the shoes without creating any additional weight and bulk.


  • 3 times less likely to incur any ankle injury
  • Supports in the recovery and prevention of sprains
  • Made from a one-layer nylon fabric for minimal weight and full supportmcdavid classic design
  • The design simulates the athletic tape with the figure-6 strapping pattern
  • It has reinforced closures and a padded lining
  • Has a ventilated tongue
  • It has an elastic top strap for extra support and custom fit
  • It is fully adjustable without removing the shoe or unlacing
  • Built-in anatomical arch that adds comfort and supports
  • It fits both the left or right ankle

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With a an average of 4.3 stars out of 5 rating from the hundreds of reviews, this certainly seems to be capable of providing almost everything you need whenever it comes to the high quality support ankle braces.

4.2 stars rating

The gorgeous design has always been a major additional point for some of the reviews. However, the level of performance offered by this ankle brace shouldn’t be forgotten.

4.3 amazon rating
A minority of the users have found this brace a little uncomfortable by claiming that it usually cuts into the skin and it is also too stiff for usage.

Apart from the great design, which several users have praised, there are some people who have talked about how the brace offers an excellent support level while still allowing users to maintain large amount of flexibility.

Mcdavid collage

Nevertheless, this is a highly recommended ankle brace thanks to its wide range of features.
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In conclusion, the Mcdavid support is a top choice for anyone. It’s a flexible, lightweight, breathable brace with several positive reviews.mcdavid ankle brace

The main reason for this is the fact that unlike other braces, this can be used on both the right and the left foot. The lace up design is also a great feature.

This simply means is that this support is capable of offering much more stability as compared to other braces. In addition, the laces allows for a snug fit.

So if you’ve been looking for the best ankle brace for running and other activities like basketball or soccer, check out the McDavid Classic Lightweight Brace today.

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Here is a video showcasing instructions on how to put on the McDavid brace (it’s a different version then the one reviewed here, but it’s basically the same brace)

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