Healing Pain through the use of Alternative Medicine

alternative therapies for shoulder painDealing with constant pain can be a nightmare. You run around to the nearest drug store pick up some topical or over the counter medication, but you know it’s only a short term fix.

More and more people are making the move to alternative therapies with more doctors encouraging their patients to look into it.  Here is a list of different options available for someone looking for pain relief.

Let’s start with ‘Float therapy’. If you’ve never heard of “Floating” don’t worry, Tanni Deb from http://www.kjct8.com/ will help you out.

Float tanks heal pain, reduces stress some say

lady doing float therapy

Reducing stress and pain are just some goals for Harmony Isolation Float Center.

“It helps with depression, insomnia, anxiety attacks, pain (and) post-traumatic stress disorders,” said Alisa Bailey, who was introduced to flotation therapy last year and was inspired to open her center in Grand Junction this past November.

“It helped me so much with my pain that I feel like if I can help a few people with their pain, with pain like I was having, then I have my purpose in life again,” she said.

It’s called sensory deprivation, the idea being that external distractions are removed from the body so it can be present in its current situation. The enclosed float tank has 10 inches of water and 960 pounds of Epsom salt. Due to the high salt levels in the water, the flotation tank creates a zero gravity environment.

You can’t see or hear anything. All you feel is your body floating. Some claim that this technique has incredible healing powers.

“I didn’t have the backache that I had while I was pregnant. My shoulders didn’t hurt. I had no more headaches … It was absolutely incredible,” said Kaitey Brammer.

Brammer started coming to the float center after she had a child five months ago. With her busy life, she said flotation therapy has helped her unwind and de-stress.
Another therapy option you should check out is “Healing Touch Therapy”. Here is DeSiree Fawn from http://www.kmvt.com/ talking about.

Study finds Healing Touch therapy reduces pain and anxiety

Healing Touch therapy is at least as effective as traditional nursing care for reduction in pain and reducing anxiety, according to a study published in the Journal of Holistic Nursing.

healing touch therapy

Healing Touch therapy is administered by trained therapists who work with the energy field surrounding the patient’s body.

“We hear about the energy that’s given off by electrical lines, or just even how our phones work. You know we all have our cell phones these days, so, it doesn’t seem too crazy that we pick that up and it’s not connected to any line or anything, but yet it works.

So it’s those same kind of energies that make those things work that we have around our bodies as well,” said Mary Kay Foley, a Healing Touch therapist.

Healing Touch therapy is offered at St. Luke’s Wood River. They say you don’t have to be sick to seek the therapy and it benefits just about everyone. They also offer a class so you can learn how to give the healing touch on your own.

“I was very interested in experiencing it and that particular day I was on the verge of a migraine headache and it was really amazing. Just a tension headache.

You know, we carry a lot of tension here in our shoulders, goes up my neck and into my head. Just the warm, relaxed stress free feeling I had once it was over was just amazing, and it did not go into a migraine headache,” said Deb Hobart, Manager of Volunteer Services for St. Luke’s.

Read full article here…

We’re not done yet. Here’s an alternative medicine backed by numerous study and is great at healing inflammation. I’m talking about Turmeric Tea. Jesse Alvarado from http://www.healthy-holistic-living.com/ goes more in-dept into the benefits of termeric.

Heal Pain Caused By Inflammation And Prevent Type-2 Diabetes With Turmeric Tea!

Turmeric For Diabetes

The benefits of turmeric are well documented. It is one of the best ways of fighting inflammation and preventing disease and illness that have been linked to inflammation.

But there is evidence now that it even has the power to prevent Type-2 diabetes in people who are severely at risk of developing this disease.

Turmeric Tea Recipe

This turmeric tea recipe only contains 5 ingredients and is packed with superfoods that work to heal your body from infection and other day-to-day illnesses.

You’ll Need

  • 1/3 cup / 80 ml good, raw honey
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons dried turmeric
  • lemon
  • big pinch of freshly ground black pepper

The ground pepper is important as that is what makes the turmeric so powerful. The active component in turmeric is curcumin (that’s what heals our bodies), and black pepper allows our bodies to absorb it more efficiently so we don’t miss out on any of its properties.


Begin by working the turmeric into the honey until it forms a paste. You can store this mixture in a jar and keep it on hand whenever you want to make a mug of this tea.

For each cup of tea, place a heaping teaspoon of the turmeric paste in the bottom of a mug.

Pour hot water into the mug but make sure it isn’t boiling hot. Stir well to dissolve the turmeric paste. Add a big squeeze of juice from a lemon, and a good amount of black pepper.

Stir again to incorporate everything and drink right away, making sure nothing settles at the bottom of the mug. Enjoy!

Turmeric For Diabetes

In a recent study on just what turmeric can do for your body, researchers have discovered that it can actually work to prevent type-2 diabetes in people who are in a state of pre-diabetes.

In other words, people who are severely at risk of type-2 diabetes can now avoid this disease using turmeric.

The study took two groups of people who were in a state of pre-diabetes. Over a 9 month period, one group was given a placebo, while the other group was given curcumin supplements – curcumin being the active component of turmeric.

After the 9 months, 16.4% of the subjects in the placebo group were diagnosed type-2 diabetes, while no one in the curcumin group was diagnosed with the disease.

Be using turmeric in your diet and ensuring that your overall diet is healthy, you can avoid a disease affecting millions of Americans today.

So go out and get your hands on some turmeric today and just watch what it can do for you!

See original article here…

The ancient practice of Yoga is being used by more and more people for its healing benefits.  Susan Enfield from yogajournal.com discusses how doctors are now prescribe yoga as an alternative therapy for pain relief.

Why More Western Doctors Are Now Prescribing Yoga Therapy

yoga for healing pain

With a growing body of research proving yoga’s healing benefits, it’s no wonder more doctors—including those with traditional Western training—are prescribing this ancient practice to their patients. What’s behind the trend, and will it help you feel better? YJ investigates.

In a small workout room with a handful of other Navy veterans, David Rachford looked out the window to watch the fringed leaves of 
a tall royal palm tree wave softly in the warm Southern California breeze.

The soothing view eased the challenging exercise routine he was trying for the first time. It was just a simple twist, Supta Matsyendrasana (Supine Spinal Twist)—nothing like the rigorous daily training he’d done as a damage controlman on aircraft carriers—but his legs refused to cooperate, due to the painful nerve damage and severe sciatica he’d suffered as a result of a career-ending 
back injury.

As an outpatient receiving pain-
management treatment at the Veterans Administration West Los Angeles Medical Center, Rachford was now required to attend this weekly yoga physical-therapy class. It was the last place he’d ever expected to find himself.

“I thought yoga was for thin, bendy, liberal, hippie vegetarians and affluent housewives, not tough, macho ‘warrior’ types,” says the 44-year-old, now a Web developer in Santa Barbara, California. “But at that time, I felt pretty broken. I was in a lot of pain and open to anything that might help. I was depressed and scared at the prospect of surgery, and mourning the loss of my health and my self-image of being a physically fit ‘tough guy.’”

Rachford also worried he wouldn’t be able to hold his own in a yoga class. “I couldn’t bend much or stand more than 
a couple minutes without assistance,” he says.

A yoga therapist led Rachford and the rest 
of the group through gentle stretching poses, urging them to repeat the simple movements at home daily. He did, and sure enough, over the next few months, Rachford noticed his range 
of movement gradually increasing and his pain improving.

“I became more aware of my breath, body, and sensations,” he says. “My yoga practice became the base that restored my health, taking me from smoking, having high blood pressure, and being overweight and pre-diabetic to being fit, active, and a picture of health.

I’ve lost 50 pounds, my blood pressure is normal, and I can jog 
and hike without pain.”

Check out full article here…

Lastly, here is a natural pain relief concoction called the “Morphine Bomb”. You’ll only need to get your hands on some natural essential oils and follow the recipe.

We’ve switched to Natural Essential Oils for overall whole health. Here’s a great painkiller recipe. Regarding the capsules- you can buy empty gel capsules at the health food store or here on amazon.

Morphine Bomb
5 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil
5 Drops of Copaiba Essential Oil
5 drops Idaho Balsam Essential Oil

Take the capsule apart, drop in the essential oils, then put the capsule back together and take it.

Feeling wise- this is about equivalent to a 10mg oxycodone maximum & lasts 3 -4 hour’s. If you do not have capsules, put directly on your feet, (neet is what it is called).

I have a friend who has fibromyalgia and she uses this combination of oils and it works for her. Be sure that you’re using Essential oils and NEVER Fragrance oils.

Well, there you have it 5 alternative therapy options for shoulder pain that you don’t hear about often. Start with 1 of the methods above and give it a shot.

Appeared first on http://sprainedshoulder.org


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